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Alumnae Newsletters

The Montreal Sacred Heart Alumnae Association issues a bi-annual newsletter (both in paper and electronic format) to keep alums informed of the latest news and events. If you have not received your copy, please contact the Alumnae Relations Office.

How do I get a copy of my School Transcript?

Official Ministry Transcript – a charge of $20.00 for every address to which an official transcript (stamped and sealed) must be mailed.

Student’s unofficial copy – a charge of $20.00 to email the transcript.

The request will be processed within 3 working days. Payment is by PayPal or credit card, using the online form below.


Please contact Ms. Leventis at 514-937-2845 ext. 107

or at

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Sacred Heart Alumnae Association

Executive Committee:


Tara Durley, 1985

Tara Durley, 1985


Cassandra D'Ambrosio, 2008

Cassandra D'Ambrosio, 2008


Christina Paolucci, 2009

Christina Paolucci, 2009


Mary Ann Advincula, 1991

Mary Ann Advincula, 1991

Past President

Anna Romano, 1983

Anna Romano, 1983


Erin Brown-Vandecruys, 2009

Sarah Davey, 1985

Claire Farrell, 2007

Harkamal Gahunia, 1997

Sheryl Guloy, 1989

Vicky Leprohon, 1985

Dominique Levesque, 2017

Teresa Little, 1980

Peggy Occhionero, 1984

Marisa Pellegrino, 1998

Christine Saykaly, 2000

Maria Valente Fernandes, 1999

Alumnae Relations Office

Maureen Brown '80, Coordinator of Alumnae Relations

(514) 937-2845 ext. 108