The Arts
at Sacred Heart

Our Arts Department serves as a creative hub, where talent meets opportunity and imagination takes center stage.


  • Sec. I & II: all students take Arts plastiques (in French) and Music: Band Program
  • Sec. III, IV & V: Students choose one Art elective (Visual Arts, Drama, Instrumental Music)


  • Music opportunities: 11 performances a year, band trips
  • Drama opportunities: Christmas Wishes (sketches), DASHABUSTADD (talent show), Annual Drama production, Semaine de Français
  • Visual arts opportunities: Arts Festival


All students are welcome to participate in various drama productions throughout the year, including Christmas Wishes, DASHABUSTADD (our talent show), and an annual Drama production performed each spring.

Senior students in the Drama elective develop focus and concentration, listening skills, personal discipline, sensory awareness, leadership as well as group skills. Students explore stage acting through theatre games, role-playing, improvisation, short script writing and, ultimately, the staging and performance of scenes.

Outings to attend local theatre productions are organized, when possible.


Every girl chooses an instrument in Sec. I, regardless of previous experience, among the following: flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto/tenor/bari saxes, trumpet, trombone, French Horn, Euphonium, tuba, and concert percussion.

The music program prioritizes music literacy and enjoying the playing of music. Alums have pursued higher education and professional careers in music. Several students perform with the Mont Royal Youth Orchestra, and one (Gurleen Padda ‘16) performed at Carnegie Hall!

Our concert band 'plays as a team sport'. They travel internationally to compete and have won many medals. Choirs are extracurricular and include concert choir, show choir, and chapel choir.

Visual Art

Students learn not only to appreciate works of art but to create their own artistic vision. They progress from basic elements of visual arts through to perspective, relief and three-dimensional work. Senior students in the Visual Arts elective interpret these elements through traditional media, multimedia projects. The Art History component is a survey ranging from the Renaissance to today. By the end of the program, each student is required to have a portfolio representing her best work.

All students are invited to present work to the annual Arts Festival, held each spring, and to which family and friends are invited. Throughout the year, students are invited to use their talent to make greeting cards for local charities. Artwork by students also decorates the halls of our school.