Ways to Give

Explore the many ways you can support students' education at The Sacred Heart School of Montreal

Empowering Futures: Support Sacred Heart Today

When you make a donation to The Sacred Heart School of Montreal, you are not merely contributing funds; you are investing in the empowerment and education of young women.

Your generosity enables us to provide state-of-the-art educational resources, enriching extracurricular programs, and invaluable scholarship opportunities. By supporting this institution, you help shape the leaders of tomorrow and reinforce the importance of academic excellence and community engagement.

Your gift makes a tangible difference, and we invite you to read the testimonials of our donors to understand the far-reaching benefits of your contribution.

Donations can be allocated to the area of your choosing

Donors have the freedom to designate their contributions to specific areas that matter most to them between:

Bursaries: There is no doubt that we need to be able to offer more Financial Aid. The current landscape is highly competitive, and Financial Aid is critical to the success of attracting more mission-appropriate students. Your generosity helps provide that very special young lady, deserving of a Sacred Heart Educational Experience, countless opportunities.

Building: Construction of the new state-of-the-art auditorium at Sacred Heart is completed! Only some finishing touches are left: sound, lighting, curtains, and landscaping around the building. Gifts made to this fund also support the new Wellness Centre and renovations to school facilities.

Enrichment: Contributions here will have the most immediate effect and will benefit students and faculty today! Help us improve our learning and programming by investing in equipment and resources to enhance our already-challenging curriculum.

Greatest Needs: When you choose to give to this fund, you help tackle the most urgent priorities of the school, whether they are related to the Building fund, Bursaries, Enrichment, or other immediate needs.

Explore Ways To Give

Please make cheques payable to the City House Foundation and mail to: 3635 Atwater Ave, Montreal, QC, H3H 1Y4.

By making use of the corporate gift matching program offered by your place of work, your gift to the City House Foundation can be doubled and even tripled! Some companies have policies that allow former employees to have their gifts matched as well.

Please check with your human resources department, as they may have a matching gift policy in place.

Planned Giving programs allow donations through an estate gift, thereby ensuring that Sacred Heart will continue to be a place where scholarship and values matter, all the while, helping you achieve your tax and financial goals.

For more information, please contact Lili Le Fèvre, Director of Advancement and Communications, at: [email protected] or by calling: 514-937-2845 (extension 213).

For US residents, you can make your donation via FRISBE (Friends of Independent Schools and Better Education) and receive a US tax receipt. Print and fill out this form and mail it with your cheque, payable to FRISBE, to 117 E. Louisa Street, #533, Seattle, WA 98102. If you wish to submit your donation directly via the FRISBE website, simply click on this link.

You can choose between a One Time and Recurring Donation to the school through the secured form on The City House Foundation Online portal.

You can choose between a One Time and Recurring Donation to the school through the secured form on The City House Foundation Online portal.

Buy a seat in the auditorium of The Sacred Heart School of Montreal. Complete the secured form on The City House Foundation Page.


The City House Foundation will provide you with a charitable tax receipt for the full market value on the day they are received in our account. This tax receipt:

  • will help you immediately reduce the amount of tax you pay on your income
  • may be carried forward if your donation exceeds your annual limit and used in any of the next five years
  • may help reduce the taxes on your estate in the year of your death – and allow more of your estate to go to your beneficiaries

Voices of Generosity: Donors Testimonials

Melanie Dirks and Paul Kruszewski at Sacred Heart's Raise the Roof fundraiser

We felt grateful to have the opportunity, and excited for the students who will get to experience everything that Sacred Heart has to offer.  Giving to the bursary fund will open doors for deserving students.

Melanie Dirks & Paul Kruszewski
Class of 2017 & 2021 Parents

I feel that it’s a privilege to be able to support the school that shaped me and rooted me in a tradition of community, care, and kindness. I can trace so much of who I have become to the lessons I learned over 35 years ago, from Mother Johnson and the incredible teachers and staff. Sacred Heart lives in me.

Tanya Das Neves,
Class of ‘86
Gabriella DOnofrio 2013

I want to contribute to giving future students the same opportunity to be a Sacred Heart girl that I had.

Gabriella D'Onofrio
Class of 2013