Butterfly Season

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It’s butterfly season, and I don’t mean when caterpillars become butterflies. I mean that fluttering feeling that most of us get in our stomachs when we are nervous. Even though I’m no longer a student, this typically happens to me at the start of every school year.  This year, the butterflies are especially present and most likely will not go away for quite some time.


As much as the fluttering feeling can be uncomfortable at times, it’s also a reminder that this year will be like no other and instead of being constantly nervous, we should embrace that things will be different.


We have an opportunity to do things in unique ways and we have the ability to be more creative than we’ve ever been. We need to learn to respect the virus while still living with it. Fearing the virus will only make this time more stressful. Instead, we need to use our ideas and our strengths to power through this together, not just for our students, but for ourselves as well.


We have spent countless hours thinking about ways to keep our students and faculty safe. We have collaborated in person (2 metres apart with masks on), online, on late night phone calls, and through numerous emails in the hopes that we are getting this right. 


We are a large family and care about one another deeply. The decisions and choices we make will impact all of us. School may not look exactly the same way we left it last year, but it’s still a place where we can be a part-yet together.


Going back isn’t going to be easy, but I’m confident that if we are truly in this together then we can make it work. We all have to be diligent and do our part: from wearing masks to proper hand washing, and of course physical distancing.  This may be the hardest part, especially at an all girls school. The first day is filled with excitement and lots of hugging. We will have to get creative and show our affection and joy in other ways. Our students and staff are strong, resilient, and incredibly innovative, so I know that we will all find different ways of coming together and ensuring a positive year.


This year, we are relying on collaboration and support from our entire Sacred Heart Community. We will need our parents more than ever this year as we navigate our way through the unknown. Everything we are doing at school is for the safety of our students and staff, but we also know that students need help and support at home as well.


I know deep in my heart that going back to school is right for our children and as much as the butterflies will be fluttering all year, I am looking forward to seeing everyone and I know that we will all do our best to keep everyone healthy and safe.



Erika Rath, Director of Student Services