1 March 2024

Recharge and Renew: Spring Break Adventures Await

Recharge and Renew


Can you feel it? The energy in our school is palpable as spring break approaches! It's a tradition that has been cherished for decades, marking the transition from winter's chill to the warmth of spring. But spring break isn't just about a break from classes—it's a time to recharge, explore, and connect with the world around us.

The origins of spring break trace back to the 1930s when a U.S. college swim coach took his team to sunny Florida for training. Since then, it has evolved into an eagerly anticipated hiatus, offering students and families a chance to rejuvenate before the final stretch of the academic year.

But spring break is more than just a vacation—it's a liberating experience! It's a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, a chance to escape deadlines and obligations, and embrace the freedom to follow our passions. Whether we're jetting off to distant lands or enjoying a peaceful staycation at home, spring break invites us to seize the moment and indulge in the everyday joys of life.

Research tells us that breaks, especially longer ones like spring break, have profound effects on our well-being. Studies published in the Journal of Happiness Studies reveal that breaks can significantly boost happiness and overall satisfaction with life. Additionally, research from the University of Melbourne suggests that taking breaks enhances cognitive flexibility and promotes creative thinking, enriching our academic pursuits upon our return–especially beneficial for our students in Quebec, where the final term is worth 60% of a student’s overall final grade. 

So, as we prepare to launch our spring break adventures, let's remember the message we carry with us–spring break is a time to refresh our spirits. It's an opportunity to reconnect with ourselves, our loved ones, and the world around us. Whether we're embarking on service trips (like some of our students who just set off for Costa Rica), catching up with alumni, or simply swapping stories of our adventures, our Sacred Heart experiences will bring us together in a warm embrace of community and friendship.

So pack your suitcases, dear Sacred Heart students, faculty, staff, and parents, and embark on your spring break journey with open hearts and open minds. When we reunite in a few weeks' time, let's carry with us the memories, lessons, and friendships forged during the break. Here's to embracing the adventures that await us in the final term of the year! Happy spring break, everyone!

Ms. Briand

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