The Julia Cianci Wellness Center

The new Julia Cianci Wellness Center will be designed as a space to support the physical, mental, and emotional health of our students. Comprising two distinct zones, it will be used to enrich the physical education program as well as the extra-curricular athletics program.

Julia Cianci, Class of 2018

Julia Cianci graduated from The Sacred Heart School of Montreal in 2018. During her 5 years as a student here, her vibrant spirit embodied the essence of each of the Sacred Heart Goals and her leadership inspired the school community and helped it flourish. 


The goal of the Julia Cianci Wellness Center is:

  1. To develop and cultivate a culture of Wellness for students, faculty/staff and alumnae.
  2. To enhance the student experience and to offer further opportunities to engage in physical activity. 
  3. To enhance faculty and staff well-being by offering a space to engage in physical activity.
  4. To engage alumnae by offering memberships to the center at a reduced rate.

Zone 1

Physical space: The fitness space will be a combination of an open concept space that will be used for multidisciplinary purposes (e.g. circuit training) as well as areas for fitness training (a cardio zone, a free weight zone, and other fitness equipment as well).  One wall will be covered in mirrors and multimedia hookups will be installed for audio or visual devices such as TV screen, projector and speakers.

Pedagogical purposes:  

  • Open area for circuit training
  • A second space for physical education classes 
  • Potential for adding a new “personal fitness” elective for Sec IV & V

Extra-curricular purposes:

  • Training for athletics
  • Offer space for students, faculty and staff as well as alumnae to work out
Wellness centre perspective 1 cropped
Wellness centre perspective 3 cropped

Zone 2: Comfort Center (Emotional health)

Physical space: This space will be set up as a classroom with flexible seating arrangements (exercise balls, pedal desks, comfortable chairs/couch), and tables.

State of the art technology will be installed to complement the learning environment. 

This space will also be designated as a comfort zone for students who need a quiet space or are experiencing anxiety. 

An area will also be designated for nutrition & general health information seminars and will be used as a consultation area for students to speak with a professional.

Pedagogical purposes:

  • Creating a space to teach the Health component of physical education curriculum
  • Smartboard enhances physical education curriculum by providing technology that could help explain movement skills and patterns.
  • Classroom space for Personal Fitness courses or to map out training routines.

Extra-curricular purposes:

  • Designated space for coaches to have theoretical practices with teams