Sacred Heart Student in Finals of Poetry in Voice

Poetry in Voice

Congratulations to Sacred Heart Secondary IV student, Olivia T., on making it to the Poetry In Voice / Les voix de la poésie Competition’s National Finals, bilingual stream. She entered poems in both English and French. Click here to view one of two videos on the school’s YouTube channel.

 National Competition

Once a student becomes a school champion, they can participate in the Online Semifinals, where students from across Canada create and submit recitation videos. Those with the top scores are invited to attend the National Finals with their teacher. The National Finals takes place over three days each spring in a different Canadian city; this year, it will take place in Toronto.

National Finals April 17-20 Toronto

The highlight of the event is the contest, in which Canadian poets, actors, and other cultural figures judge students’ recitations, award nearly $25,000 in prizes, and name a National Champion in each of our three language streams: English, French, and Bilingual.

The event also includes cultural activities. In past years the competition has hosted a private Q&A with Margaret Atwood, poetry-themed gallery tours, a screening of Al Purdy Was Herefollowed by a Q&A with director Brian Johnson, the Amazing Recitation Race, writing workshops for students, and best-practice workshops for teachers.

Poetry In Voice is a charitable organization that encourages Canadian students to fall in love with poetry through reading, writing and recitation. In addition to running a nationwide student recitation competition, the organization also provides an anthology of classic and contemporary poems and comprehensive teaching materials at no cost.

Learn more at: Poetry in Voice