The Wellness Centre

The Wellness Centre will be designed as a space to support the physical, mental and emotional health of our students.  It will be comprised of 4 distinct zones, and will enrich the physical education program as well as the extra-curricular athletics program. 

Why a Wellness Centre?

  1. To develop and cultivate a culture of Wellness for Students, Faculty/Staff and Alumnae.
  2. To enhance the student experience and to offer further opportunities to engage in physical activity. 
  3. To enhance Faculty and Staff well-being by offering a space to engage in physical activity.
  4. To engage Alumnae by offering memberships to the Centre at a reduced rate.

Zone 1 – Fitness Centre (Physical health)

Physical space: The fitness space will be a combination of an open concept space that will be used for multidisciplinary purposes (e.g. circuit training) as well as areas for fitness training (a cardio zone, a free weight zone, and other fitness equipment as well).  One wall will be covered in mirrors and hookups for TV screens, projectors and speakers.

Zone 2 – Professional Centre

Physical space: The room would include 2 physio tables where athletes will be treated for injuries. An area will also be designated for nutrition & general health information seminars and will be used as a consultation area for students to speak with a professional.

A dedicated storage space located adjacent will also allow for the storage of therapeutic materials like foam rollers, exercise bands, etc.

Zone 3 – Comfort Centre (Emotional health)

Physical space: This space will be set up as a classroom with flexible seating arrangements (exercise balls, pedal desks, comfortable chairs/couch), and tables.

State of the art technology will be installed to complement the learning environment. 

This space will also be designated as a comfort zone for students who need a quiet space. 

Zone 4 – Dance/Yoga Centre (Mental health)

Physical space:  Bright, welcoming space for yoga or dance, with glass sections on either end for transparency and security as well as an entire wall of full length mirrors.  Adequate storage for mats & other equipment shall be provided against one wall.  

Technology – speakers, audio hook up and screen.