Welcome to the Sacred Heart School of Montreal!

We are always so glad to welcome new students to the Sacred Heart family. As our foundress Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat once said, she would have founded the Society of the Sacred Heart “for the sake of one child”. So, too, do we commit ourselves to the education and growth of each and every student. No matter the level of expertise or the range of your interests, you’ll find something creatively and intellectually stimulating here! Sacred Heart offers a variety of challenging intellectual ventures that give students of all levels the opportunity to push themselves and achieve success through progress.

A caring and inclusive environment

Not only do we dedicate ourselves to our students’ academic success, we also center the cultivation of their emotional growth. From administration, faculty, and staff all the way to the student body at large, we at Sacred Heart are dedicated to fostering a caring and nurturing environment in which all are encouraged to express themselves to the fullest. Our school celebrates the diversity of our Sacred Heart family and beyond! Collaboratively, we are always learning more about the communities around us and, in so doing, creating an environment of inclusivity.

Our Mission

These are only some of the ways that we ensure that our learning environment encourages our students’ progress. As a Sacred Heart network school, our mission is to nurture the mind, body, and spirit of all our students; our five goals allow this mission to develop organically into in-school as well as extracurricular activities that push students to get involved in their communities, develop their social awareness, and seek personal and academic growth. All this and more ensures that all students leave Sacred Heart as well-rounded and accomplished young women.

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