In addition to the nurturing small class environment, The Sacred Heart School of Montreal also ensures that our students have access to a variety of support services available in school and online:

Academic Advising

Academic Adviser Ms. Toula Michalakos is available daily to support students with elective selection, CEGEP applications, career advising, accommodations and learning strategies. Students can drop by to schedule an appointment or contact her by email.

English Nook

Weekly after-school support for English writing and reading comprehension by one of the English teachers.

French Bistro

Weekly after-school support for French writing and reading comprehension by one of the French teachers.

Math Café

Students have access to math teachers, can ask questions, work under supervision and review concepts weekly, after-school, or daily during teachers’ office hours,  by appointment.

Personal Counsellor

Personal counsellor Ms. Florise Boyard is available to meet with students everyday. Students can drop by her office to schedule an appointment or contact her by email.

Resource Corner

Daily after-school help with organizational skills, time management, test taking, study skills, and learning strategies.

Supervised Study

Twice weekly after-school, students can work quietly during a structured time in the presence of a teacher on supervision. Make-up tests/evaluations due to illness or excused absences take place during this time.

Teacher Office Hours & Individual Appointments

Individual appointments can be made in person or via email with teachers. Office hours are also posted outside each classroom.

Math Help Services

Tutorial website used as a learning tool in the math classes. The site provides video tutorials, access to practice questions, and remedial support online.

PAPER (previously GradeSlam) -Online Tutoring at no extra cost

PAPER is a reputable, 24/7, online, chat-based tutoring company provided to students by the school. The service is offered in English and French in all subject areas by trained tutors. This service is a complement to the various supports currently available to students. Click here to watch a short video about the service.