The times in which we live call for fervor, fidelity and generosity.  The heart’s best security is to trust in God alone.
St. Madeleine Sophie Barat

After the Quebec government declared schools would be closed due to coronavirus, The Sacred Heart School of Montreal was one of the first private schools in Quebec to prepare for a building closure, and launch online learning for all of its students. After a couple of ped days to prepare, distance learning began officially at Sacred Heart on March 18, thanks to the dedication of faculty & staff, and the commitment of students and their families.

What does online learning look like at Sacred Heart?

  • Since 2017, Sacred Heart students each have their own Chromebook and use Google for Education
  • During the first two weeks of school building closures, online learning was asynchronous, meaning faculty sent assignments to students daily, and students accessed the class and completed work independently.
  • Since March 30, students attend a full schedule of “live” classes Tuesday to Friday, from 9am to noon. Regular periods have been compressed to accommodate the new schedule. Classwork is done in the afternoons, allowing for students to have plenty of time to relax with their families, take a break, and exercise.
  • General assemblies and Personal Development courses (formerly General Instruction) are now held online.
  • Students have become very creative in their assignments, thanks in part to online learning! They film and edit videos to complete projects, which they upload to their Google Classrooms, for teachers to review. Several have been shared on Sacred Heart’s social media channels, including this physical education assignement:

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What about everything else that makes up student life at Sacred Heart?

  • All student services continue to be offered, virtually. This includes appointments with personal counselors, the academic counselor, the librarian, after-class with teachers, and even office hours with the Head of School!
  • Some clubs are up an running virtually, such as the Green Team (environmental club), Free the Children (WE), Games Club, and Comic Book Club.
  • Student Council (prefects) has managed its own Instagram account (@shsmprefects) since 2018. They took the initiative to launch regular challenges – to students, teachers, parents, and all community members – to keep them engaged and active.
  • Within the Student Council, the Girls’ Athletic Association (GAA) reps from each grade continue to hold regular meetings with their faculty advisor, online.
  • Speaking of Student Council, the elections for next year’s prefects were held online!
  • Community service continues to happen online: students have been reaching out to older alumnae to do check-ins, drawing pictures for local organizations, offering virtual babysitting services to faculty and staff, and recorded themselves reading stories to share with local elementary school students.
  • For Holy Thursday, Father Giordano celebrated mass for the entire Sacred Heart ommunity via Zoom.

How are parents involved?

  • Parents of each grade are invited to virtual get-togethers with the Director of Student Services, to ask questions and engage with other parents.
  • As always, teachers and staff continue to be available by email, for any questions or concerns. Director of Academics and Assistant Head of School Ms. Maloni is also available.
  • The Sacred Heart Parents’ Guild (every parent is automatically a member) continues to hold monthly meetings, now online.

Parent Testimonials

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