Sacred Heart School of Montreal – Library Hours

Monday – Thursday:  8:00am – 5:30pm
Friday – 8:00am – 4:00pm

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Library Collections

Electronic Databases and eBooks

Use Explora for initial/general searching, and EBSCOhost for detailed searching.

Britannica E-Stax and Infobase eBook Collection include hundreds of up-to-date nonfiction titles.

Britannica eBooks
Initial Search

Detailed search

Non-Fiction eBooks

Non-Fiction eBooks




Point/Counterpoint Arguments English Language Learner Advanced Search Teen Health Series eBooks
Research Guides Plot Summaries Full Text Articles Print copies in Reference Section


The Sacred Heart School of Montreal Library subscribes to EBSCO databases, which includes hundreds of newspapers, magazines, academic journals, as well as other reference works.  Read magazines in PDF format in EBSCOHost.

Access EBSCO databases at school or at home by logging into the Library Catalogue (above).

Students and staff can also use the EBSCO databases off-site: credentials for remote access are available from the Librarian.


15,000 volumes in English and French


17 subscriptions to English and French publications


The Montreal Gazette (print and digital) and La Presse (digital).



18 computers connected to a printer and scanner.


Reference Service

Through a class booking schedule teachers bring their students to the library to work on assigned projects.  Students are guided in their research by the librarian and their teacher.

Students receive assistance in choosing novels to read for class or for their own recreation.

Instruction is given, in groups or individually, on the proper use of resources which include books, magazines, electronic databases and internet resources.