Is Grade 12 right for me?

Frequently Asked Questions

Classes are held Monday through Thursday from approximately 9:30am-2:30pm. Students are welcome to arrive earlier or stay later to complete homework, meet with advisors, or participate in activities or clubs. Students are also permitted to leave campus during breaks.

The Sacred Heart Grade 12 program is so unique because every Friday the students will participate in the Field Experience Program. Every student will be placed with an alumna of the Sacred Heart and will gain valuable experience in the field of their choice. Students will be expected to show up for work and use this valuable time for their benefit.

Grade 12 students do not need to wear a uniform. Instead we ask that all grade 12 students dress in business casual attire. Trousers, dress pants, skirts, dresses, and sweaters are all appropriate. No denim or ripped jeans are permitted.

Yes, our current students will still be able to graduate with their grade and will still participate in all of the graduation activities including prize ceremony, convocation, graduation mass, graduation breakfast, and prom. All grade 12 students will also have the opportunity to graduate from Sacred Heart with a smaller more intimate ceremony and dinner.

We are offering a blended program, that means that part of the program is online while part of it takes place in a physical classroom. All of the content, unit work, and assessments are online through OVS (Ontario Virtual School), but the activities, discussion, live labs, and feedback will all take place in the Sacred Heart classrooms. Some of the work will be done at home and other times work will be completed at school. This way we are offering the best of both worlds and helping both independent learners as well as those that require some support.

We encourage grade 12 students to join our athletics program and any activities or clubs they wish to join; however, they are not mandated to as they will be incredibly busy working on their courses, going to field placement once a week, completing 40 hours of community service, and staying active at least 3 hours a week. Of course, our masses, assemblies, and clubs are open to our grade 12 students should they wish to participate at any time.

Students in our high school from grades 7-11 will not be directly affected by the addition of a grade 12. The school is quite large and a specific area will be designated for grade 12 students. Also, grade 12 students are permitted to leave campus and will most likely be in school during class times only.

No, English Eligibility is not required for this program.

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