Food Services

Sacred Heart provides your daughter with our optional lunch program as part of her school experience.

Quality Catering is the school’s lunch provider. Food preparation and delivery procedures continue to meet enhanced health and safety guidelines as well as environmentally conscious packaging.

The menu is peanut-free.

Each hot meal includes a main course, vegetable side, and a baked dessert. Each cold meal includes a sandwich, raw vegetables, dessert and juice box. Individual meals bought on a pay-as-you-go basis will cost $7.50

Your daughter may also subscribe to one of the following discounted meal plan options:

Meal cards

Meal cards will be sold online and will also be available throughout the year directly from Quality Catering. Prices vary accordingly:

Weekly (5 meals)

$36.25 ($7.25/meal)

$36.25 ($7.25/meal)

Bi-Weekly (10 meals)

$70.00   ($7.00/meal)

$70.00   ($7.00/meal)

Yearly (approx. 180 meals)

$1170.00 ($6.50/meal)*

$1170.00 ($6.50/meal)*

*Yearly meal plan card (approx. 180 meals): $1170 ($6.50 per meal) payable online or in 4 postdated cheques payable to Quality Catering (Sept. 1, Nov. 1, Feb. 1, and Apr. 1).  Please provide a photo with payment. Please note, there is no refund for absences. Long term medical absences will be refunded.

Payments can be made using the following options:

  1. E-transfer to Quality Catering at the following email: [email protected] 
  2. Cheque made to Quality Catering, put in an envelope with the student’s name and homeroom, clearly labeled and deposited in a desiganted box at the School’s main office. Cash will not be accepted.

All  lunch services are optional and students are free to bring their own food to school. Students must bring their own snacks for Détente (Recess)  however, please note that the school is a nut-free environment and we ask for your cooperation in helping to protect students with severe food allergies.

Please contact Quality Catering at 514-509-0733 or at [email protected] directly if you have any further questions.

Quality Catering was founded in 2006,  has built a healthy customer base and serves multiple institutions daily. For more information, please see their website at: or email: [email protected]