2020-2021 Administration, Faculty & Staff

To reach your party, please call the school’s general number at 514-937-2845 and ask to be transferred.

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Mr. Shawn O’Donnell, Head of School sodonnell@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Anika Maloni (Alumna), Assistant Head of School & Director of Academics amaloni@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Iveth Bosmediano, Director of Finance ibosmediano@sacredheart.qc.ca
Mrs. Lili Le Fèvre (Past Parent), Director of Advancement & Communications llefevre@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Erika Rath, Director of Student Services erath@sacredheart.qc.ca


Mr. Julian Beauvais, Religion jbeauvais@sacredheart.qc.ca
Mr. Josh Friedmann, Math jfriedmann@sacredheart.qc.ca
Mr. Angelo Gallo, Social Sciences agallo@sacredheart.qc.ca
Mme Catherine Gauthier, Modern Languages cgauthier@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Sarah Jones, English sjones@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Megan Littman, Physical Education mlittman@sacredheart.qc.ca
Mr. David Reda, Science dreda@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Aran Waldbrook, Fine Arts (website) awaldbrook@sacredheart.qc.ca


Ms. Lisa Arella, English larella@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Lara Artinian (Alumna), Science lartinian@sacredheart.qc.ca
Mme. Nathalie Belfort, French nbelfort@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Maureen Brown (Alumna, Past Parent), Drama mbrown@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Maria Cusma-Dovico (Alumna), Religion & Social Sciences (maternity leave) mcusma@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Mary Gendron, Fine Arts mgendron@sacredheart.qc.ca
Mr. Pooyan Haghighat, Science & Math phaghighat@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Alexandra Lantosh (Alumna), Social Sciences alantosh@sacredheart.qc.ca
Mme Marie-Elaine Laquerre, French melaquerre@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Michelle Lessey, English mlessey@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Kristina Lisak, French klisak@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Jasmin Marchlewski, Social Sciences (replacement) jmarchelewski@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Gisela McIvor, English gmcivor@sacredheart.qc.ca
Mr. James McRae, Math & Science jmcrae@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Jennifer Newton (Alumna), Physical Education jnewton@sacredheart.qc.ca
Mme Myriam Phaneuf, F.S.L. mphaneuf@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Lauren Quintal, Math & Science lquintal@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Rosemary Vaupshas (Alumna, Past Parent), Math rvaupshas@sacredheart.qc.ca


Ms. Florise Boyard, Personal Counsellor (Mon – Thur.) fboyard@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Anita Tso, Personal Counsellor (Friday) anitatso@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Joan Harrison, Librarian jharrison@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Toula Michalakos, Academic Advisor tmichalakos@sacredheart.qc.ca
Mr. Sonny Nicolas, Director of I.T. snicolas@sacredheart.qc.ca


Ms. Isabel Brinck (Alumna), Communications Coordinator ibrinck@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Stephanie Broadhurst, Enrolment Management Coordinator sbroadhurst@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Maureen Brown (Alumna, Past Parent), Alumnae Relations Coordinator mbrown@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Nadia Floriani (Alumna), Communications Assistant nadiafloriani@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Amanda Kitik, Enrolment Management Officer Akitik@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Jaya Knauft, Accounting Clerk jayaknauft@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Ourania (Nia) Leventis, Registrar oleventis@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Giovanna Mazzariello, Human Resources Advisor gmazzariello@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Colleen O’Donnell, Executive Assistant to the Head of School codonnell@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Hélène Pagette, Portress hpagette@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Polly Palumbi, Accounting Clerk ppalumbi@sacredheart.qc.ca


Ms. Liezl Lee (Alumna), Residence Life Coordinator liezllee@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Celia Cruz, Residence Life Cook (week-ends) celiacruz@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Charlotte Le Fèvre (Alumna), Residence Life Advisor (week-ends) charlottelefevre@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Susan Mingo, Residence Life Housekeeper & Cook (leave of absence) susanmingo@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Yuewen Wang, Residence Life Advisor (week-ends) yuewenwang@sacredheart.qc.ca


Ms. Cassandra D’Amico-Mazza (alumnae) bookroom@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Spendora (Dora) Zanni, Library Helper libraryhelper@sacredheart.qc.ca


Mr. Gedi Snapkauskas, Building & Maintenance Supervisor gsnapkauskas@sacredheart.qc.ca
Mr. Peter Ward, Security pward@sacredheart.qc.ca
Mr. Dylan Devaney, Cleaner
Mr. Luigi Fratta, Assistant Maintenance lfratta@sacredheart.qc.ca


Mr. Nick Amato foodservices@sacredheart.qc.ca
Ms. Chelsea Friedman
Ms. Jessica Kozlowicz

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