2017-2018 Administration, Faculty & Staff

To reach your party, please call the school’s general number at 514-937-2845 and ask to be transferred.

Mr. Shawn O’Donnell Head of School
Ms. Anika Maloni Director Academics
Ms. Lili Le Fèvre Director of Advancement
Ms. Iveth Bosmediano Director of Finance
Mr. Sonny Nicolas Director of IT
Ms. Ourania Leventis  Registrar
Ms. Colleen O’Donnell Executive Assistant to the Head of School
Ms. Stephanie Broadhurst Enrolment Management Coordinator
Ms. Mirella Spadafora Enrolment Management Officer
Ms. Polly Palumbi Accounting Clerk
Ms. Giovanna Mazzariello HR Coordinator
Ms. Isabel Brinck Communications Coordinator
Ms. Maureen Brown Alumnae Relations Coordinator
Ms. Hélène Pagette Portress


Ms. Stephanie Broadhurst Residence Life Coordinator (Interim)
Ms. Katie Pankratz Residence Life Advisor
Ms. Melissa Tradel Residence Life Advisor


Mr. Angelo Gallo, Social Sciences Mr. Julian Beauvais, Religion
Mme Marie Elaine Laquerre, Modern Languages Ms. Gisela McIvor, English
Ms. Megan Littman, Physical Education Ms. Rosemary Vaupshas, Mathematics
Ms. Aran Waldbrook (website) Fine Arts Mr. David Reda, Science


Ms. Lisa Arella  Ms. Diana Gorham
Ms. Lara Artinian   Ms. Sarah Jones
Ms. Julie Beaudet  Mr. Peter Judson, (website)
Mme. Nathalie Belfort  Ms. Alexandra Lantosh
 Ms. Maria Cusma-Dovico  Ms. Michelle Lessey
Mme Christiane de Sainte Marie  Mr. James McRae
Mr. Josh Friedmann (website) Ms. Jennifer Newton
Mme Catherine Gauthier  Mme Myriam Phaneuf
Ms. Mary Gendron  Ms. Myha Tang


Ms. Danielle Lecuyer (Mat Leave) Student Life Coordinator
Ms. Erika Rath  Student Life Coordinator (Interim)
Ms. Joan Harrison Librarian
Ms. Florise Boyard Personal Counsellor
Ms. Toula Michalakos Academic Advisor
Mme Christiane de Sainte Marie Student Exchange Coordinator


Mr. Gedi Snapkauskas Building & Maintenance Supervisor
Mr. Luigi Fratta Assistant Maintenance
Mr. Dylan Devaney Cleaner
Mr. Peter Ward Security