Summer School Courses

Online Math Course

Online Courses

The Sacred Heart School of Montreal offers a variety of online courses to all Quebec students, regardless of gender.

Summer School Courses

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Are you missing credits? Do you need to complete a prerequisite course? Do you want to review this year’s course material, or do you want to get a head start on high school courses to be better prepared?

Classes are asynchronous, therefore students can advance at their own pace. Furthermore, students will have access to a teacher who can be reached during designated office hours and emailed for questions, or to schedule a time to meet virtually.

Sec. IV Math Course

Are you in Sec. III or older? Do you feel you could use an extra resource to complete your Sec. IV math and/or history course? How about 24/7 access to all units of the course? Are you missing high school graduation credits or pre-requisites for your post-secondary program? If so, then, yes, these courses are right for you!