Summer School Courses

Online Math & History Courses

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Online Courses

The Sacred Heart School of Montreal offers a variety of online courses to all Quebec students, regardless of gender.

Summer School Courses

Registration will open in May 2022

Are you missing credits? Do you need to complete a prerequisite course? Do you want to review this year’s course material, or do you want to get a head start on high school courses to be better prepared?

Classes are asynchronous, therefore students can advance at their own pace. Furthermore, students will have access to a teacher who can be reached during designated office hours and emailed for questions, or to schedule a time to meet virtually.

Sec. IV Math & History Courses

Are you in Sec. III or older? Do you feel you could use an extra resource to complete your Sec. IV math and/or history course? How about 24/7 access to all units of the course? Are you missing high school graduation credits or pre-requisites for your post-secondary program? If so, then, yes, these courses are right for you!

SophieConnect Online Enrichment

Students have access to a wide range of enrichment online courses offered through the Sacred Heart Network, SophieConnect. There are summer courses, semester courses and full-year courses.