By Leena Lakdawala

“I didn’t go to Sacred Heart but my daughter Vanessa is currently a prefect in her graduating year. I may be a little bias but I can say that over the last 5 years, the school has shaped her into an amazing, self-confident, strong and intelligent young lady. I really love the school and the network of friends she has made over the years. ”

Leena Lakdawala, mother of Vanessa, Sec. V

By Nancy Wells and Jonathan Elkas

“It’s our great pleasure to support the Sacred Heart Capital Campaign. Sarah leaves for school in the morning energized and happy to tackle the day. More often than not, she returns home with a smile, a laugh and a story to share about her friends, teachers, classes and sports at Sacred. We can’t really ask for much more. Our donation recognizes the tremendous, ongoing efforts of the entire administration, faculty, staff and volunteers to produce the courageous and confident young women needed to meet the challenges of our world with love, respect and compassion for God, others and self. The Sacred Heart School of Montreal is unique and a true jewel in our English Catholic community. We are very happy to support its continued evolution into the 21st century.”

Nancy Wells and Jonathan Elkas, parents of Sarah Sec. II

By Patricia Danielidis '16
To Mr. O’Donnell, Head of School
I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing me with such an incredible education and learning environment.  I think the slogan My School, My Home, My Sacred Heart is very fitting to me because this is my school, and this is my home, and the lessons I’ve learned here are lessons that I will take with me everywhere I go.  I am proud to say that I am a Sacred Heart Girl because the bonds and memories made here between my friends and my teachers will last a lifetime.
Patricia Danielidis ’16
Head Girl
By Cheryl Hodge, Parent '15

I am very grateful to Mr. O’Donnell, Ms. Filipovich and the wonderful faculty of the school for their compassion, support and thoughtful actions towards my daughter as we journeyed through a very difficult family time.  The entire school rallied around us and stayed true to its mission of nurturing the mind, body and spirit in a supportive and caring environment.  Sacred Heart is truly a wonderful school

By Rebecca Douros

…. I told my daughter I would be at her school for ‘Teacher Appreciation Lunch’, the least I can do to give back! Her response, “I love my school! My teachers care and they really want me to succeed! And, my friends, we all have each other’s back. It’s like a little family!” Happy daughter, happy Mama!

By Stephen Sartori

Outstanding School:  Teachers-Students-Administration & Parents all pulling in the same Direction.  A Very Special Place.