Academic competitions

The school participates in many public speaking, debating, creative writing, and other competitions, such as Poetry in Voice, Olympes de parole, World Scholar’s Cup, Student Stock Exchange (SSX), Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI), etc.

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

The Advanced Placement Programme offers students the opportunity to take college-level courses in Secondary V. An AP course allows students to study a subject in greater depth, in close collaboration with a specially trained teacher.

Students who earn a qualifying grade on an AP exam may receive credit or advanced placement when they enrol in CEGEP or university. AP courses are externally examined by the American College Board.

Rich Arts Program

Junior and Senior concert bands as well as Show Choir are part of a rich arts curriculum that includes theatre, visual arts in our Art Studio, film-making and multimedia classes in our state-of-the-art film and multimedia studio.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

This award allows young people to determine what they are passionate about. There are four Sections of activities for all Award levels: Service, Skill Development, Physical recreation, adventurous journey. The Award encourages young people to spend time volunteering in their community, which both benefits others and contributes to their own growth and well-being.

Faculty Scholars

For the gifted student with an aptitude for independent learning, the Faculty Scholars programme offers the opportunity to pursue personal projects under the guidance of outside experts. Projects typically run the gamut from artistic and literary productions to historical and scientific research.


An advanced French Program is offered including Français langue d’enseignement at all grade levels along with français langue seconde enrichie and français langue seconde de base, as well as a mandatory course in Culture et civilization françaises for secondary I – III.

Intensive French: Secondary I and II students have the option of taking social sciences (Geography and History) in French.

Students in each level can take a variety of French electives, such as Arts plastiques, Filles d’Ève, Production Vidéo, and more.

Google Apps for education (GAFE)

Sacred Heart provides Chromebooks and a curriculum focused on digital literacy, citizenship and safety.

Personal Development (PD)

A course built into student schedules that deals with the current issues facing adolescents such as online safety, transitioning to high school, CEGEP or grade 12 applications, sleep, stress, responsible decision making, healthy eating, and sexual education to name a few. These topics are addressed by subject experts from both within and outside the school.

Grade 12

As of August 2019, The Sacred Heart School of Montreal became one of a select few high schools in Quebec to offer a Grade 12 program. The program is delivered online in conjunction with physical classes (i.e. blended learning or hybrid system). Students choose between a Commerce, a Social Science, and a Science stream. At the end of the one-year, full-time program, students receive a Grade 12 diploma (OSSD) from the Ontario Ministry of Education, enabling them to apply to universities in Quebec, other Canadian provinces, the United States, and abroad.

Accelerated Mathematics

The accelerated programme moves advanced Mathematics students through the secondary school curriculum in four years instead of five, allowing them to complete a Calculus course in Secondary V.

Math accelerated chart



Sacred Heart Robotics teams compete regularly in the FIRST Robotics Competition, in conjunction with the Loyola Northern Knights robotics team. This demanding but highly rewarding enterprise calls for the integration of skills in science, engineering, mathematics, creative arts, language, and computer technology.


SophieConnect Online Enrichment courses

Secondary IV and V students have access to a wide range of enrichment online courses offered through the Sacred Heart Network, SophieConnect. The courses are taught by our Sacred Heart Network Teachers and range from a variety of AP courses to courses such as nutrition, marine biology, and human geography, to name a few.