Sacred Heart Wins at Model UN

This past weekend at the Model United Nations Conference at Marianopolis College, Sacred Heart had one of the largest delegations of Secondary IV and V students compete against approximately 230 students, the majority from Cegep divisions. Each of our students engaged in effective public speaking and diplomacy. Many of our students were beginners among very experienced College students, but they definitely held their own and had lots of fun in the process. There were a total of eight committees, and 3 students were honoured from each  individual committee.  Katalina Toth won a distinction award in her respective committee! She represented Iran in the World Health Organization, which focused on women’s reproductive health.

Alumna, Mary-Lynne Loftus ’15, was a tremendous help in training the girls for this conference…Thank you Mary-Lynne!

Sacred Heart MUN delegates that participated during the full 2-day Conference which includes, Katalina receiving her award with other delegations.

Sacred Heart Model UN participants

Julia Bugge representing Vietnam in the Political and Decolonization Committee

Olivia Torralbo representing Venezuela in the World Health Organization

Grace Singer representing Indonesia in the United Nations Security Council

Erika Delucilla representing South Korea in the United Nations Security Councial

Katalina Toth representing Iran in the World Health Organization

Amanda Emblem representing Canada in the World Health Organization

Daisy Smith representing Brigardier General Beauregard in the American Civil War Crises

Emilie Shalhoub representing Panama  in the World Health Organization

Rozanna Ralbovsky representing Mexico  in the World Health Organization