Parent workshop: Lynn Lyons

Join parents from The Sacred Heart School of Montreal, Loyola High School, ECS, LCC, Selwyn House, The Priory, The Study and WIC for this parent workshop. Limited seating available,


Renown author and speaker Lynn Lyons, LICSW, presents Emotionally Equipped: Skills to Teach our Kids and Why Prevention Works

February 19, 2020
7 pm to 9 pm
Loyola Auditorium (2477 West Broadway)

When children and teens are in the grips of worry, anxiety, and stress, adults often feel stuck as well. Parents, educators – even therapists routinely tell me how overwhelmed they feel by the frequency and intensity of anxiety in the children they care for. And they want to know what to do. This presentation will teach parents how to interrupt the most common anxiety and depression enhancing patterns, including: reassurance, accommodation, and avoidance. We replace these with a process-based strategic “umbrella approach” parents can use immediately. These measures will both prevent anxiety from becoming so powerful and help families manage it when it does flare up. Anxiety and its patterns ARE predictable and manageable…once you know its secrets.

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