Christmas at Sacred

The Christmas Fair on December 1 was the official start to the Christmas Season at Sacred Heart, followed by the Mass to celebrate the beginning of Advent, on December 4. This is a busy time for all, but, most importantly, a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the spirit of giving, and the importance of spending time with loved ones and those who need our love the most.

This is what the rest of the season will look like this year at Sacred:

Christmas Concert

The annual Christmas concert will be held in the chapel on Thursday, December 13 at 7:00 pm. The show will feature the Secondary II bands, the concert band, the choir, as well as a small senior ensemble. Join us for an evening of musical celebration! Donations for the building of a New Music Room will be graciously accepted at the door.

Christmas Wishes

Students are working with the support of Mme Gauthier to bring us four vignettes about this time of year, under the theme of a grandmother telling her grandchildren these comical stories. This annual Sacred Heart tradition closes out the year.

Christmas Mass

A full-school mass will be held on the last day of school, Friday, December 21, in celebration of Advent.

Christmas Season Service Initiatives

The Religion Department coordinates numerous opportunities for both staff and students to give at this time year, including:

  • Spare Change Challenge, in support of St. Gabriel’s Parish
  • Christmas Baskets, in support of St. Gabriel’s Parish
  • Chocolate, Peppermint, Marshmallow Lunch Hour, with proceeds going to buy extra gifts for the Christmas baskets
  • Shoebox Wishes, in support of Shields of Athena women’s shelter
  • Denim Day, with proceeds benefiting our foster child in Uganda

Merry Christmas to all, and see you in the New Year!