New @ The Library

April 2017 – Genre of the Month: Action and Adventure

  • Popular with students and movie studios alike.


February 2017 – Genre of the Month: Love and Romance

  • Need we say more?  Romantic fiction – a classic genre.


January 2017 – Genre of the Month: Sports

  • There are plenty of novels written in a sports context.  Many of them feature girls and women as the main characters.  Come and read one of these stories, or ask Ms. Harrison to find you factual books about the sports you love.


  • Also, check out this beautiful new series of books: Women’s Lives in History.
    Published in 2017, a brief and informative overview of:
    Women in Science
    Women in Business
    Women in Fashion
    Women in Sports
    Women in Politics and Government
    Women in War
    Women in Literature
    Women in Arts and Entertainment

December 2016 – Genre of the Month: Humour

  • Feeling stressed out from exams?  Pick up one of the humorous books in the library to lighten the mood for awhile.
  • Not in the mood for humour?  Check out the display of Christmas books – everything you need to get in the mood for the season.


November 2016 – Lest We Forget: Historical Fiction

  • The Genre of the Month in November is Historical Fiction.  These made-up stories are all set in various true historical situations, from earliest times to recently recorded history.  Many of them reflect the bravery and courage of men and women during the Great Wars, so it is a fitting genre for the month of November.  As always, books on display are available for students and staff to sign out at their convenience.