Our Community of Donors

We wish to thank our generous donors for their support in helping to build a new 300-seat auditorium including a music classroom, a Wellness Centre and various other capital improvements.

Barat Level ($1,000,000 & up)


Duchesne Level ($500,000 to $999,999)

The Montreal St. Patrick’s Foundation

Trincano Level ($250,000 to $499,999)

Cathy & Franco Cianci Family

Hardey Level ($100,000 to $249,000)

The DGDM Family Foundation

Stuart Level ($50,000 to $99,999)

Anonymous (3)
Ayanna Ferdinand ’91 Catlyn
The Eliadis Yalden Family

Sheldon Level ($25,000 to $49,999)

RBC Banque Royale
The Rossy Foundation

DuRousier Level ($5,000 to $24,999)

Alberto Anelli & Emilia Mattei
The Casey Brown Family Social Sciences Room
Adrienne Destounis & Alfred Buggé
Harriet Dolan ’62 Stairs
Kathy & Michel Duchesne
Nancy Wells & Jonathan Elkas
Germana Ferreira & Enio Nicolau
Tania Tretiak  ’85 & Stéphane Garon
Lori Morrison & Greg Giroux
Zhilin (Linda) Hu ’21
Lili & Pierre Le Fèvre (In honour of Charlotte Le Fèvre ’13)
Shawn & Jackie O’Donnell
Jixia Qi
Jie Tang & Liming Shan
The Verenini Family
Veronica Verenini Class of 2019
Guangkai Wu & Guoxiang Zhang
Estate of Dr. V.M. Whitehead (In memory of Mary Sheilagh Ryan ’50 Whitehead)
Parents’ Guild

Digby Level ($1,000 to $4,999)

Nancy Anissimoff, CPA, CA & Mtre Gerry Apostolatos
Robert Bacchiochi
The Baldry Family
Iveth Bosmediano
Thomas R. Burpee
Christine Cardinal & Robert Emblem
Yan Chen
Mark Cunningham
Ana Da Silva & Edgar Rosa
Tanya Das Neves ’86
Mirella De Civita & Massimo Di Paola
Nektar Diamantopoulos and Family
Gillian Driscoll & John Toth
Andrea Duchesne & Guy Lalonde

Antonietta Fanizza & Luigi Caruso
Jean Filipovich
Patricia Ann Forbes
Marion Gale ’06
Janet Gray-Donald ’51 & Richard Macklem
Patricia Howson
Annette Kopec Brawley & Mark Brawley
Michelino Iorio & Caroline Aroyan
Johanne M. Johnson O’Toole ’46
Shannon Joseph ’97
Pauline Ramsey & Marcel Joyal Foundation
Peter Judson
Beatrice Keleher ’66 Raffoul
Jiwoo Park & Shae Kwang Kim
Susan Klucinskas ’83
Olga Kovalik ’87: In memory of Genevieve Marilley ’87
Megan Littman
Joanne Mastro
Roula Mpekios ’86
Jennifer Newton ’06
Lucy Pick ’83
Stephanie Rossy ’85
Huey Huey Shaw
Gerald Sims
Van Aelst Family
Rosemary Vaupshas ’78
Yao Wang In honour of Yixuan Wang
Audrey J. Williams ’46
Margarita Xistris ’83 Gardiner
Fondaton Thérèse Casgrain
Gr0k Technologies
Liquid Partners
O.R.M. Limited
Tilmar International Inc.
Class of 1991: In memory of Jennifer Mizgala ’91

Commemorative Brick Wall ($500 to $999)

Gerry Apostolatos In honour of Helen Apostolatos
Julie-Ann Barna
Mary Burke Marilley In memory of Genevieve Marilley ’87
Chad Coleman
Robert and Diane Côté
Rosa Ciccarello & Horacio Correia
M. Lana Conway ’71
Mario Di Caprio
Johanne Dinucci & Giacomo Daniel Di Silvestro
Antonia Di Paola & Thomas Belliveau
Anna Di Tomaso
Ann Dohan ’48 Reynolds
Harriet Dolan ’62 Stairs In memory of Andrea Hingston Dolan ’29
Christine Doyle ’80
Susan Emblem ’84
Antonino Gagliano
Kathleen Gour ’87 Burroughs
Jie Jin & Yi Shen
Antonia Maioni ’79
Remo Mastrocola
Ann McCoy Hucker ’62
Margaret Mississian & Vincenzo Morena
Colleen O’Donnell
Angela Onesi ’85
Susan O’Reilly Sault ’60
Jung Sook Park
Tanya Pinto
Roger Plamondon
Letizia Randaccio ’63 Ray
Martha Robinson ’78
Linda Ryan ’76
John D. Thompson
Bill & Albina Tretiak
Linda Vespa Nemeth
Janet Wilson ’73
Gemei Zhang & Wenwu He
Amicale Françoise Braun (regroupement des anciennes du Congo)
Chaussures Tony Shoes

Auditorium Seat(s) ($1000+)

Iveth Bosmediano
Olivia Bourret 2023
Maureen Brown ’80
Erin ’09 & Kathleen Brown-Vandecruys ’11
The Colafabio Family
Laura ’11 & Jessica ’13 Delucilla
Nektar Diamantopoulos & Sandre Belisle
Rebecca Di Giorgio, Stuart House Head ’17
Alessia A. Di Giorgio, Class of 2009
Proud Mom of Alessia ’09 and Rebecca ’17
Roberto Di Giorgio
In thanksgiving for the Sacred Heart School of Montreal Dr. Sofia Diana Di Girolamo, Class Of 2008
Gillian Driscoll & John Toth
Andrea Duchesne ’96 & Guy Lalonde
Anna Garon, Class of 2020
Caterina Gasparrini ’91
Maria Goncalves
Carla-Anne Hall Class of 1985
John & Natalie Harris
Alison Holland Dennison, class of 1954, Margaret Holland Davey, class of 1957, Sarah Davey, class of 1985
Erika Iorio 2022
Ment-Khoury Family
The Khwaja Family
Amaya Leclerc
Charlotte Le Fèvre 2013
Antonia Maioni ’79
The Maloni Sisters, class of 1997,1998 and 2000
Kitty Malott Lackenbauer ’65 & Margot Lackenbauer ’93
Genny Marilley Class of 1987
Joanne Mastro
Elizabeth McDonald 2009 and Catherine McDonald 2013
Gabriella Monticciolo Class of 2023
Sarah Murphy 2012
Shawn & Jackie O’Donnell
Colleen O’Donnell
Angela Onesi – Class of 1985
Vanessa & Amanda Paliotti
Stephanie Rossy Class of 1985
Alanna and Patrick Rourke
Maureen Rourke ’78
Alisa Shi
The Stabile Family
Cristiane Tinmouth ’77
Tretiak Family
Van Aelst Family
Rosemary Vaupshas ’78
Bruno Verenini & Tina Camillone (2)

Alice Voizard
The Wells Elkas Family
Yan Chen and Yong Xiong
Maria Ziannis ’19
Baoxin Zhang 2022
Alumnae Association Board 2017-2018
City House Class of 1958
Class of 1968
Class of 1979
Class of 1991
Wrnch (2)

Last update: January 15, 2020

The Advancement and Communications Office makes every attempt to report accurately all of our donors. We apologize in advance for any omissions – please inform us of any adjustments by email: communications@sacredheart.qc.ca