The Curriculum

Please click here for the Curriculum 2018-2019, which includes a sample of our course offering.

Highlights of some of our course offerings:

Faculty Scholars
For the gifted and talented student with an aptitude for independent learning, the Faculty Scholars programme offers the opportunity to pursue personal projects under the guidance of outside experts. Students are nominated for the programme by their teachers and must present a formal application that includes a project proposal, the identity of their chosen mentor, and a plan of action. Projects typically run the gamut from artistic and literary productions to historical and scientific research.

Accelerated Mathematics
The accelerated programme moves advanced Mathematics students through the secondary school curriculum in four years instead of five, allowing them to complete a Calculus course in Secondary V.





Advanced Placement Programme
The Advanced Placement Programme offers students the opportunity to take college-level courses in Secondary V. An AP course allows students to study a subject in greater depth, in close collaboration with a specially trained teacher. The advanced academic skills and mature study habits thus acquired provide a solid foundation for post-secondary studies.

Students who earn a qualifying grade on an AP exam may receive credit or advanced placement when they enrol in CEGEP or university. Given the demanding nature of AP courses, only students who have attained a solid academic standing in Secondary IV will be admitted into an AP class. AP courses are externally examined by the American College Board. The examinations are written in May, and the fee for each examination is charged to the student.

Sacred Heart Robotics teams compete regularly in the annual FRC or FIRST Robotics Competition. The design and creation of a robot requires creativity, ingenuity, dedication, and team effort. This demanding but highly rewarding enterprise calls for the integration of skills in science, engineering, mathematics, creative arts, language, and computer technology. As such, it is an ideal cross-curricular project, allowing students to exercise a wide array of individual talents and to work with teachers in several disciplines to bring it to fruition.

For more information on our curriculum and course offerings, please contact:
Ms. Anika Maloni, Director Academics