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The Montreal Sacred Heart Alumnae Association issues a bi-annual newsletter (both in paper and  electronic format) to keep alums informed of the latest news and events. If you have not received your copy, please contact the Alumnae Relations Office ( ).

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Winter 2018 Newsletter

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Winter 2017 Newsletter

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Alumnae Relations Office

Maureen Brown ’80, Coordinator of Alumnae Relations

(514) 937-2845 ext. 108


BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2017-2018 – Sacred Heart Alumnae Association

Executive Committee:

President Anna Romano, 1983
Vice-President Mieke Cullen, 1999
Vice-President Leah Giannakis, 1993
Treasurer  vacant
Secretary Bianca Arciero, 2008
Past President Maria Valente-Fernandes, 1999



Mary-Ann Advincula, 1991 Josephte McNamara, 1981
Erin Brown-Vandecruys, 2009 Christina Paolucci, 2009
Cassandra D’Ambrosio, 2008  Rosemary Vaupshas, 1978
Jessica Hindley, 2008
Anne Marie Marilley Johns, 1982
Teresa Little, 1980


If interested in learning more or becoming involved, please contact Maureen Brown ’80, Coordinator of Alumnae Relations, at  or call (514) 937-2845 ext. 108.

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