What are Scholarships?

Scholarships are financial awards to students based upon merit. The scholarships are named as follows: the Religious of the Sacred Heart Scholarship, the Margaret Johnson Scholarship, the Alumnae Scholarship and the Head of School Scholarship. These awards are renewed each year if the students maintain Honor Roll status or rank among the top 5% of their class, participate in co-curricular activities, and are recognized in their conduct as students in good standing. The selection committee awards these scholarships to four students enrolling in Secondary I who show academic promise and the ability to communicate their ideas orally and in writing.

The Margaret Johnson Scholarship

Inaugurated to honour Sister Margaret Johnson, RSCJ, Headmistress of The Sacred Heart School of Montreal from 1967 to 1993

The RSCJ Scholarship

Awarded in honour of the Religious of the Sacred Heart.

Head of School Scholarship

Discretionary scholarship awarded by the Head of School.

Alumnae Scholarship

Established by The Sacred Heart School of Montreal Alumnae Association  to support a qualified applicant who is related to an alumna.


What is a Bursary?

The Sacred Heart School of Montreal believes strongly in encouraging the development of a diverse community. Enrolment is not limited to students whose families are able to afford the tuition and it is for this purpose that the Bursary Fund was established.

Our generous Bursary Program helped many families last year…

  •  25% of Sacred Heart students (1 in 4), received bursaries
  •  $300,000 in financial aid was awarded to 54 students
  •  The average bursary is $5,500.

The financial aid is funded by the The City House Foundation, thanks to the generous support of alumnae, parents, past parents, staff and our community and through special fundraising initiatives such as the year-end Golf Tournament, the Benefit Concert and the Annual Telephone Campaign, in addition to, email and direct mail appeals.

Every effort is made to provide some financial assistance to as many as possible.

Who can apply for a bursary?

There is no minimum income amount to apply for a bursary, as each family is assessed on an individual basis. To be eligible for assistance, students must complete the admissions process and be enrolled for the next school year.

How do I apply? How is the financial need of my family assessed?

The Sacred Heart School of Montreal uses the services of the reputable independent, third-party organization, FAST (Financial Aid for Student Tuition) which assesses the family’s overall financial ability to contribute to their child’s education. This process is completely confidential.

Parents are asked to fill out the FAST online application form. The application service is self-guided. You may navigate in and out of the program, allowing you to partially complete an application and go back to it at another time. Online e-mail and a 24/7 helpline is provided. Tax documentation will need to be scanned or mailed to FAST for verification purposes. Information is saved on a secure server and copies of tax returns received by FAST are shredded after three days.

FAST will analyze the family’s financial situation and recommend to the Financial Assistance Committee, on a confidential basis, the tuition reduction for which the family qualifies. The cost of this service is $43US to be paid by credit card at the end of the application session. If you do not have a credit card, please call the Director of Finance for assistance.

Start the process:

When will I know if my daughter will receive a bursary?

The Financial Assistance Committee endeavours to communicate to families in a timely fashion once an application is complete.

Is financial assistance renewable each year?

You must reapply for a bursary on an annual basis, as one’s financial situation may have changed over the course of the year. Please fill out the FAST online application.  Changes in a family’s financial status may affect the bursary amount.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Director of Finance  at 514-937-2845 (ext. 105).