Admissions Test by Appointment

Sacred Heart’s Admissions Test by Appointment

The Sacred Heart School of Montreal has rolling admissions and its Admissions Testing is now by appointment. We have completed three testing days and now are accepting individual requests. Sign-up by contacting our Enrolment Management Coordinator, Stephanie Broadhurst at

What you can expect at Sacred Heart next year….

Chromebooks & Free Tutoring for All Students

This fall, Sacred Heart is introducing Chromebooks for all students in addition to the school-wide use of Google Apps for Education. The use of one-to-one computing for all of our students and faculty is the outcome of a successful year-long pilot project. In addition, Sacred Heart is launching free tutoring for all students with its partnership with GradeSlam. A 24/7 on-demand online tutoring through instant messaging and file sharing for students. Using this platform, GradeSlam provides unlimited online tutoring for all academic subjects.

Bus Service to Laval

Additionally, the school will continue offering its private bus service to and from Laval to accommodate a growing student population from Laval and areas north of Montreal. The bus will carry Sacred Heart students to and from the school, with a fixed pick-up and drop-off stop at Carrefour Laval and two other points.

With a population growth rate that far exceeds the national average, it is no surprise that Laval families form an ever larger proportion of students at Sacred Heart. This new route is in addition to a bus service already offered by the school to students on Montreal’s West Island.

Largest incoming Sec I class in 10 years…

“We have an increasing number of students coming from Laval,” explains Head of School, Shawn O’Donnell. “They are telling their friends how much they love the school! I’m looking forward to speaking with families interested in a Sacred Heart education about our academics, sports, and bursary program.”